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Applied Experience

Business Optimization 

UX DesignOps 

Building an environment in which UX can operate efficiently and remain focused on creating higher value work.

DesignOps has three primary areas of focus - Working Together, Getting the Work Done, and Creating Impact.

Working Together

How do we ...




Getting the Work Done

How do we ...




Creating Impact

How do we ...




Applied Experience and Accomplishments


Working Together

Increased visibility with Smartsheet and integrations with Microsoft Apps. 

  • Provided a birds eye view of all active work within UX

    • Tracked progress, flagged roadblocks or items at risk, ability to forecast & plan and prioritize work.

Improved collaboration and UX engagement by introducing an Operation Mechanism (Ops Mechs).

Defined a baseline for metrics via Quarterly UX Team Survey.

  • Identify the overall team health, opportunities, and areas in which we could improve.

  • Repeat survey at the end of each quarter to track improvements OR declines.

  • Track the metrics throughout the year.

Getting the Work Done

Optimized the UX team’s day-to-day workflows via

  • Technology consolidation

  • Creating efficient and effective meetings by clearly defining the objectives and post meeting action items. 

  • Leveraged automations and integrations to streamline workflows.

Provided leadership with visible data for UX work requested in addition to acceptance and rejection percentages.

  • Launched a project intake process utilizing Smartsheet forms. 

Redirected focus to work that provided value and assigned the right resource to the work.

New projects were reviewed and prioritized using an acceptance criteria scoring system.

Led technical solutions and application implementations.​

  • Worked with technical & compliance leads to run risk assessments and set up SSO.

  • Partnered with Enterprise Architects and application admins to set up, launch, and onboard new software and/or applications

Creating Impact

Created Impact Metrics Tracking via

UX quality scoring system to measure UX design quality and socialize the successes.

  • Value to User:

  • ​Level of Engagement:
  • ​Research Informed:
  • ​Designed Delivered vs. Developed:

    If changes occurred, did they cause negative impact on the user.

Demonstrated excellence to leadership via UX Quarterly reports.

  • Showed data on work completed and highlighted our best work to executive leadership.

  • Demonstrated the value of UX and how research informs design.


UX DesignOps Program Manager

11/2022 – 9/2023

Lean Architecture and Process Optimization

Cross–functional SOP development, standardization, consistency and scaling strategies for growing organizations. 

Working with enterprises of all sizes and non-profit organizations to understand their unique needs and create custom solutions to increase their productivity, eliminate waste, reduce costs, and streamline their workflows.
  • Introduced work management tools for project intake, tracking, reporting, risk management, and resource management. 

  • Documented Process and Workflows

  • Developed standard operating procedures (SOPs)

  • Naming conventions 

  • Project status standardization

  • Documented Process and Workflows

  • Agile development - Utilized agile creative processes to increase efficiency, exceed expectations, and reduce costs.

  • Templates for repeated work, such as briefs, presentations, content, etc

Applied Experience 


Allina Health

Marketing Operations Consultant

2/2022 – 9/2022

  • Clarified roles & responsibilities

  • Identified role gaps 

  • Workplace technology audits

  • New SaaS tool implementation, best practices, training, and scaling strategy 

  • Introduced a project intake form, automations and weekly cross-functional leadership teams intake & assignment meeting 

  • Delivered a suggested org structure and staffing recommendations to leadership


  • Increased visibility by created primary dashboards for reporting and used app integrations to connect other data sources

  • Created consistency and reduced redundancies with templates, process, and streamlined workflows via automation and app integrations


Operations Consultant 

6/2021 – 1/2022

  • Evaluated all technology being used, consolidated tech, implemented integrations and automations.

  • Developed scaling strategy

  • Ensured solutions were cost-effective, efficient, and supportable as the organization grows.


  • Annual savings of approx $18,000 

  • Increased Productivity 

  • Quick and Smoother Onboarding

  • Financial Accountability & Reporting 

  • Improved Project Visibility 

  • Resourcing management, planning & forecasting

  • Accurate reporting on project budgets & staffing utilization

  • Eliminated Redundancies and workarounds

  • Repeatability and Scalability

AdFed Minnesota

Board Member: Program Manger

6/2019 – Current

  • Implemented Google Workspace,

    • primary domain. 

    • Migrated data and content from former Gmail accounts & drives.

    • Created user group emails and set up forwarding & automations to the relevant group email(s). 

  • Introduced naming conventions

  • Structured the Drive for easy and intuitive navigation ​


Each year, when the board changes, only the members within the groups need to be updated. 

  • Previous members will no longer have access to the AdFed G-Drive or documents

  • New members have access to the entire AdFed G-Drive 

  • No access restrictions should occur so long as the documents are kept within the G-Drive​


Maximized Smartsheet's benefits by integrated it with other applications.

  • Set up Resource Management ​

  • PO and invoice tracking with workflows and app integrations into their payments system 

  • Production project intake and the digital production board

  • Project number generation with workflow automation to Production Slack channel to initiate server folder creation. ​

  • Workamajig (Project Management Software) testing and recommendations

  • Smartsheet (SaaS tool) testing and recommendations

  • Provided end-to-end production management for campaigns, ensuring seamless collaboration with internal teams and external vendors.


  • Transformed productivity and efficiency through automations & technology integrations

    • improved collaboration and visibility

    • Increased efficiency through workflow automations.

Spearheaded Smartsheet implementation, development of SOPs, app integrations, workflow automations for billing, and production assignments. This created:

  • VISIBILITY on all work

  • Efficiency and effectiveness - Teams became self-managing 

  • Revenue growth - Drove significant increase in production revenue through workflow automations.

  • Single source of truth

  • Easy onboarding, work coverage and balance.

  • Reporting! Planning! Forecasting!

Led Information Architecture & Server migration project.

Pain points: ​

  • No formal intake process.

  • Limited visibility of the work in progress

  • Too much work and not enough project managers or vice versa.

  • No standardization or consistency across the various workflows = very siloed and confusing process for those outside of that work.

  • Onboarding & training was not documented.

    • Impacted productivity -  new employees spent more time trying to find information or answers. 


  • Supported the introduction of an intake process and work capacity calendar.

  • Aligned all processes and workflows across all digital workstreams.

  • Helped implement CRM (Salesforce) to automate the email work.  

  • Tested Smartsheet for timeline visibility across all workstreams.


  • Incredibly streamlined processes across workstreams . 

  • More accurate project forecasting and planning

  • Reduced onboarding & training time by 75%

  • Reduced staffing need for project management by almost 50% less than what was previously needed. 

Wunderman Minneapolis

Digital Project Manager

8/2014 – 4/2016


Contracted Senior Project Manager

5/2019 – 9/2019

BBDO Minneapolis

Senior Integrated Program Manager

10/2016 – 12/2018

Little & Company

Contracted Senior Project Manager

12/2018 – 5/2019

“Thank you, Megan for several months of dedicated service to the Brand and Marketing team at Allina Health. We are very fortunate to have had your expertise. Thank you for helping us to elevate things to the next level!” 

Allina Operations Manager

Integrated Program Management

An accomplished program manager leveraging over a decade of experience guiding marketing, design, and advertising initiatives from concept to completion with a focus on achieving overarching goals rather than outputs alone. 

  • Extensive experience managing multiple complex projects across different clients from inception through completion.

  • My approach is cross-functional, bringing together stakeholders, IT, development teams, and vendors to drive results.

  • Key responsibilities included strategically managing resources, freelancer needs and contracts, digital assets, operations, processes, and team development. 

  • Supported my teams by removing roadblocks, solving problems proactively, and ensuring they can stay focused on delivering excellence.

Various Companies

BBDO, Adventure, Independent Contracts

Technical Project Management

Experience leading ongoing digital marketing services including email marketing, website maintenance, SEO, analytics reporting, and strategic initiatives to improve the website.

  • Liaison between internal teams, client and 3rd party vendors

  • Managed creative teams to meet client expectations and deadlines

  • Lead process change and implementation

  • Managed all facets of documentation for project creation and execution including scope & brief creation, creative direction, timelines, creative reviews and development.

  • Lead internal and external meetings covering all aspects of the project lifecycle from kick-offs to creative review.

  • Trained and mentored Project Coordinators and Project Managers.​

Various Agencies

Wunderman, Mirum, BBDO, Adventure, Independent Contracts, Deluxe

Digital Asset Management

Managed lifecycles for 100+ digital assets from inbound to distribution across campaigns.​

  • Defined and established asset manager role, owning Dodge/Chrysler brand asset governance.

  • Managed Usage rights

  • Metadata tagging and DAM data Management

  • Tracking all assets used on website and paid digital media. Flagging assets in which usage rights did not match or were expired.

  • Trained internal teams on new DAM system. 

  • Own and managed the retouching process.

  • Developed and defined the Asset Manager role & process with SapientNitro Chicago.

  • Assisted in the migration of data and assets from the V1 to V2 asset management system.

  • Designed and developed the server's architecture and established a naming convention standard.


Assoc. Digital Program Manager

2/2013 – 2/2014


Product Management

Supporting development of good products and experiences for end users. Applied use in Digital Transformation and UX DesignOps Management

Use Golden Circle Framework to identify the “why”, “how”, and “what” in order to:

  • Understand the company and define the goals. (Purpose)​

  • Best solution to the problems impeding the ability to reach the business goals. 

  • Define the processes, systems, and best practices. 

The framework pinpoints the purpose and strategy and long-term success plan. 

Scrum Master & Agile 

Certified Scrum Master and experienced Agile Project Manager. 

  • Dedicated to collaborative teamwork, efficiency, and effectiveness

  • Skilled in applying empirical pillars of Scrum: transparency, inspection, adaptation

  • Uphold Scrum values: commitment, focus, openness, respect, courage

  • Experience applying Scrum beyond technical projects to creative development.

Agile methods led to quicker client feedback, fewer rounds, and lower budget burn rate compared to waterfall

User Experience

Deep understanding of user experience (UX) design and the Design Thinking Process.

Skilled in user experience (UX) design following a human-centered approach to create high value solutions focused on understanding users' needs and designing enjoyable, meaningful experiences.

  • Knowledge of ADA/WCAG Compliance

  • Experience in UX Research: Quantitative and Qualitative methods, User Interviews, and Usability testing. 

  • Successfully led UX/UI team in the redesign and relaunch of an enterprise design system. 

    • Preached the value and cost savings of the use of the design system across all products. 

    • Influenced adaption. ​


Leadership and Mentorship

Set individuals and teams up for success via process improvements, organization of information, and learning opportunities. 

  • True Leader - Collaboration, open communication, trust, respect, empathetic, and equality. 

  • Cross-functional leadership, working with stakeholders, IT, dev teams, design and vendors. 

  • Support my design teams by problem-solving, streamlining work and removing any roadblocks so that they can remain focused on the work. 

  • Approachable, knowledgeable and often a go to for career advice, support, and guidance. ​

Resource Management

Resource management has also been part of my role as both a Program and Project Manager. 

  • Created visibility on resourcing via cloud-based collaborative documents and project management tools. 

  • Introduced technology-based resource management

    • Workamajig​

    • AtTask - now Workfront

    • 10,000 ft - now Resource Management by Smartsheet

    • Smartsheet Legacy RM 

    • Jira

    • Trello ​

Vendor & Talent Management

Own and manage vendor, business partner, and contracted resource relationships with creative talent, production, and development teams with local, national, and international locations. 

  • Maintain the business relationships with vendors, consultants, and freelancers.

  • Contract management, invoicing, write the SOW's, and payment processing

  • I have a robust list of vendors that I bring with me from company to company. My vendor connections include, swag, print, photography, experience design, event planning, CGI studios, video production, production artists, technical and creative writers, strategist... 


Member of the Board 

2019 - Current

Joining the AdFed board in 2019, I quickly set my focus on SOP development for a busy non-profit with annual board member turnover.


  • Project Managed the redesign, build and launch of the new Adfed website -

  • New program brainstorm sessions & creative identities for Open Minds, Behind the Pin and Round Table programs. 

  • Introduction and rollout of Google Workspace as our centralized hub & source of truth.  


  • Created project intake process and automated workflows

  • Built an Intranet via google sites to serve as an interface for locating files in a very unorganized G-Drive

  • Coordinated and implemented Google Workspace for AdFed

  • Migrated former G-Drive and AdFed associated gmail accounts to the new Google Workspace.

  • Repurposed the Intranet to serve the board as a resource for onboarding, processes, and more. 

  • Standardizing project plans and process

  • Onboarding SOP's


  • WordPress - page builds, content entry and media management.

  • Google Workspace - Sheets, Forms, Slides, Drive, Sites, User & Group Management.

  • Google Workspace app integrations - Trello, Zapier, Calendly 

  • MailChimp

2023 – 2024: Goals
  • Continue to support the organization's operational needs

  • Governance of all programs and applications

  • Brand governance across the AdFed and Ad 2 groups. 

2021 – 2022 Accomplishments:

Focusing on the operational side, I continued to improve and build Adfed within Google Workspace, create a more efficient workflows and processes for board turnover and created a better overall onboarding experience.

Post Pandemic 

  • Successful execution of programs and events that hosted both in-person and online versions and maintaining a great experience for both. 

2019 – 2020 Accomplishments:
  • Thoroughly reviewed the existing internal project intake process and identified solutions to create clear lines of communications and workflow efficiencies.  

  • Successfully launched new branding and website.

2022 – 2023 Accomplishments:
  • Building the technology and centralized data source foundations

  • Fully implemented and roll-out Google Workspace SOP's, including project request intakes, file management, and guidelines. 

  • Structured and built out G-Drive, introduced a standard naming convention for files, and best practices. 

  • App integration with Trello for Project Management and asynchronous collaboration.   

Established groups for all board members, marcomm chairs, individual programs, membership chairs, etc to:  

  • Set up workflows within the primary email accounts to push emails to a specific group. 

  • Group members are updated with each board year, but the workflows will not require any updates or changes. 

2020 – 2021 Accomplishments:
  • Further developed and rolled out the mar/comm project process, created more visibility and mapped out social content posts & needs. 

  • Improved internal communications. Worked with team to further evolve the website. 

  • Built and rolled out the AdFed Intranet as a central hub for communications and process. 

Pandemic Changes 

  • Rethink how AdFed runs its programs and adapt to the virtual life.

  • Explorations of platforms for for online events

Volunteer Work

Provided an excellent customer experience for potential adopters, helped keep the center and animal suites clean, helped potential adopters meet animals and provided them with pet education, information and resources to help them find their perfect match.


Served as a Lead Volunteer and helped train or guide “Level 1” volunteers and ensured that Kitty City etiquette was followed.

Weekday Lead

Managed a team of volunteers. Made sure that all the closing duties were performed and the shelter was ready for the next morning.

Kitty City New Volunteer Orientation & Training

Taught the introduction class operations in Kitty City, cleaning, safety, cat "resident" care, PAWS Chicago's preferred ways of interaction with the cats, e.g. petting, holding, etc. In addition, I coached new volunteers on how to handle situations such as nervous or shy cats, aggressive cats, and potentially dangerous situations, such as cat fights.

Kitty City Mentoring Program

Provided more 1:1 training with new volunteers in Kitty City. Program was designed for volunteers who were working towards a Level 2 volunteer or other lead roles.

Adoption Counselor

Prior to bringing the new cat/kitten home, adopters met with the adoption counselor. Provided cat/kitten care information and answered questions.

PAWS Chicago

Level II Volunteer, Trainer & Adoption Counselor

2012 – 2014

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