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Business Solutions & Transformation

Allina Health Marketing Department SOP development and optimization.

Increased productivity

Bridged the gaps in communication and technology

Established process standards and governance


Operational Goals
  1. Increase Visibility

    • Dashboards & Reporting​

  2. Create Consistency

    • Intake and Templates

  3. Reduce Redundancies 

    • Streamline workflows via automations and technology integrations​

Research and Discovery

Teams were all asked to share their thoughts on "What Works", "What could use some love", and "Wishes, Dreams, Suggestions" for future state for four categories: 

  • Workflow Process

  • Work Efficiency

  • Organization of Information

  • Communications

Research Findings and Solutions

Addressing the teams’ requests while focusing on the three goals:

Increase visibility

  • Smartsheet will support this goal

  • Consider PM roles to support teams

Improve consistency

  • Roll out brief and planning templates

  • Develop SOP’s from intake through to delivery

  • RACI’s 

  • Prioritization (standard formula)

  • Onboarding documentation

Reducing and/or eliminating redundancies

  • Smartsheet will support this goal by eliminating the need for repeating information in multiple places

  • Clarify Roles & Responsibilities

  • Defined SOP’s

Technology Exploration and Implementation
  1. Conducted audit of existing technologies, such as MS Project, Planner, ServiceNow, and Wrike. 

  2. Selected Smartsheet for it's easy integration with Microsoft applications, overall contract cost, and its ease of use. 

  3. Led and owned –

    • Collaboration with ITSM team on implementation- security & compliance 

    • Partnership with Smartsheet's relationship manager for contract negotiations and roadmaps for future product add-ons & rollouts 

    • Training and onboarding for marketing, creative, and leadership teams.

Diagram A below shows the original technology integrations and data connections.

Diagram A

Diagram B below shows future state

Diagram B
Messaging Calendar Ask

PURPOSE: To have open and up-to-date VISIBILITY on all the Marketing initiatives planned for the entire year and their In-Market dates.

  • Original State (Problem): The calendar was created and managed in an excel document.

    • Information was communicated by the LOB lead to the Marketing team then added to the calendar.

    • Calendar lived in Sharepoint.

    • Document was only as good as the information provided and did not integrate with the full picture. (Meaning what was being worked on when and what was in market, etc)

  • Proposal (Solve): Calendar dates will be managed by the Marketing Managers in Smartsheet. 

    • Smartsheet will act as a single source of truth for all initiatives at every phase of its lifecycle. 

    • Smartsheet will replace the need to recreate the calendar in a separate document, therefore eliminating redundancies. 

In order to provide a visual and clear understanding of how Smartsheet will support the data, I crafted the diagram, Smartsheet Data "Tree" below

“Thank you, Megan for several months of dedicated service to the Brand and Marketing team at Allina Health. We are very fortunate to have had your expertise. Thank you for helping us to elevate things to the next level!” – Allina Operations Manager

"Megan is a gift to any team. She is extremely skilled at building and engaging stakeholders to assess and address organizational challenges - from tools, to people and process. Her great depth of experience, natural relationship building strengths and infectious passion for operations transformation all help her effectively lead and influence teams." – Allina Digital Marketing Manager

“...amazing job helping to streamline and transform operations. Thank you for all you are doing!” – Allina Marketing Manager

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