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Digital Transformation

Demonstration of my skills in Diagnosing pain points, Strategizing solutions, Leading organizational change, and Enterprise Architecture.

50% increase in productivity

$18,000 saved in annual technology costs

80% increase in reporting accuracy


As an experience Digital Project Manager and Operations guru, I was brought in by a digital strategy agency to optimize workflows and streamline processes.

In my role as Senior Digital Project Manager, I gained first-hand experience with the organization's challenges and inefficiencies. Though the agency utilized numerous tools, they lacked integration and standardization. Moreover, employees followed disparate processes according to personal preferences rather than organizational objectives. 


Leveraging my expertise, I conducted a thorough analysis of the agency's systems and presented recommendations to consolidate redundant tools, establish standardized protocols, and align workflows with overarching business goals. My proposed digital transformation, delivered process improvements and operational efficiencies which enabled the organization to scale and facilitate future growth.

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