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More About Me

I have never passed up on an opportunity to research something and learn as much as I can.

I consider all data before making a decision. A good decision is always backed by data. 

I lead with empathy, maintaining an open mind to understand different perspectives and connect genuinely with others.

I look to the past to inform the future. 

I love to travel and explore new places, languages, and cultures.

Trivia, problem solving, or doing puzzles is my idea of an amazing Friday night. 

I am very adaptable and may have referred to myself as a "neutron" when working with cross-functional teams. 

​I enjoy spending my mornings sipping on black coffee while I analyze my vivid dreams.

I have a strong artistic side that loves to be surrounded by brilliant, creative minds and design.

I have run two (2) Marathons, (2) 20-milers, (8) Half-Marathons, (2) 10-milers, and several 10K and 5k races.

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