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Governance and Information Architecture

Cloud-server implementation, organization, content archiving and migration, naming convention standards

Increased productivity

Increased efficiency

Created consistency


Problem Statement

The unstructured and cluttered file server led to inefficient workflows, as employees wasted time searching for documents. The lack of a clear file structure and naming conventions made it challenging to find information. With limited storage capacity, large files were not being backed up properly, putting data at risk.

Discovery & Solution

To develop a solution for the disorganized file server, I first spent time thoroughly exploring the existing structure and usage by meeting 1:1 with team members across departments. I gained insight into how people navigated and utilized the server in their workflows.

Next, I brought together a cross-functional working group and used collaborative post-it note sessions to design an intuitive new structure.

By including perspectives from different teams in an interactive ideation process, we created a file hierarchy that would enable easy search and access to documents while also streamlining onboarding.

This collaborative, insight-driven approach allowed us to develop an organized file server structure that met the needs of all employees.

Implementation of New File Structure and Cloud Storage System

After designing the new file structure, I worked closely with the IT Department at our parent office, BBDO New York, to implement the organized hierarchy along with a transition to a new cloud storage system. Over the next few months, I led the process of methodically archiving legacy files, reorganizing content into the new structure, and creating intuitive folder systems.

Standardizing file naming conventions was a critical next step to bring consistency across the agency. Working with the lead Production Artist, we developed a set of naming guidelines that incorporated relevant metadata to enable easy search and identification of files.

To ease the transition for employees, I conducted training sessions to walk through the new system and naming protocols prior to the system switchover.

Post Launch Feedback

The streamlined structure, searchable naming conventions, and cloud storage capabilities had an overwhelmingly positive impact.

Employees complemented the organized and easily navigable system while new hires specifically noted that it was the "most well-structured server they had ever encountered".

The cloud system also provided the capacity needed for large files that had previously not been backed up.

Overall, the collaborative project to overhaul the file server and storage systems greatly improved efficiency, work quality, and data integrity across the agency.

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