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My Work

Examples of some of my work, projects, and other fun things I have done throughout my professional years. 

UX DesignOps

The purpose of DesignOps is to build an environment in which UX design & research can operate efficiently and remain focused on creating higher value work.

Lean Architecture

Demonstration of my skills in Diagnosing pain points, Strategizing solutions, Leading organizational change, and Enterprise Architecture.

Digital Experience Design

Build your own charcuterie board digital experience

Business Solutions and Marketing Operations

Allina Health Marketing Department SOP development and optimization.

Product Management

Product School Final Project

Governance and Information Architecture

Cloud-server implementation, organization, content archiving and migration, naming convention standards

Just for fun - Understanding personalities and work styles

How to work with Different Teams: 

Described as if they were cats

Creative/Designers are those outgoing, silly, but wise cats. They are often playful, fun, and full of energy. Approaching them is easy. Usually they will approach you first and/or be excited to see a new face. When introducing a new toy, demonstrate how to use it. Since most are visual learners, they will appreciate this. However with any toy or fixed process, they will grow bored with it and could lose focus. They usually find a milk ring to be far more interesting. Note: These cats do tend to require a little more herding and management to get them to focus.


Business Professionals are the type of cat that requires a more experienced cat owner. They are wonderful and sweet when they want to be. They are the cats that are almost too smart for a cat. They know EVERYTHING and you can’t fool them by hiding the cat carrier in the shower behind the curtain. It’s as if they can read your mind. This cat personality loves to be seen and heard, but don’t even think about approaching them or petting them! Interaction is only on their terms.

Engineers/Developers are the shy and/or skittish cats. Often found hiding in the dark and as far away from others as possible. These can be the hardest cats to work with and can often seem disconnected. They aren’t disconnected though, just in deep concentration mode- probably trying to solve how to get around without crossing paths. Working with them will require a lot of patience and a different approach. So how do you get these cats out of the shadows and engaging more? Start with treats placed outside their hiding places (workspaces). As they slowly emerge, don’t make any quick movements, eye contact or approach them! - this could scare them away. Repeat this process, moving closer and closer each time until you have gained their trust. Don’t approach them or speak to them first! Wait for them to meow (hello) or slowly blink both eyes (smile). When that happens, you know you are close to good and trusting relationship.

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